Wheat Free Dog Biscuits

Why should you buy wheat free dog biscuits?

If you are wondering whether or not dogs can eat wheat, the truth is, they can. However, since their are no nutritional gains in your dogs diet, it’s completely unnecessary. Sometimes wheat is okay but only certain kinds such as ones with fiber that can aid the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut or intestines. Fibers like this help keep your dog’s bowel movements regular.

While some wheat may be helpful to some dogs, there are many that have an allergy to wheat. It’s unknown why it causes them some pain but dogs can get itchy skin, chronic ear infections, hair loss, and other skin infections that if not treated, has it’s consequences. That’s why it’s best to give your dog wheat free dog biscuits because you might not know how allergic they could be to wheat.

Wheat free dog biscuits are a great way to reward your dog that may have an allergy towards wheat. You would be surprised at how many different kinds of wheat based treats are on the market these days. Our wheat free dog biscuits are homemade and contain the best ingredients for your dogs. All of our treats at Emmett’s Edibles are wheat free because though dogs can have it, it isn’t necessary, highly nutritious, and can be harmful to some.

Some dog foods or dog treats that contain wheat also contain gluten. Gluten is what’s left over from various types of wheat that’s had all of it’s good carbohydrates taken out. Your pet can eat gluten as a protein but it’s much less nutritious for your canine compared to meat or nuts. One way to have your dog avoid eating less nutritional gluten is by having some of our Peanut Butter Dreams dog treats. They are favorable wheat free dog biscuits that contain nutritional proteins found in unsalted peanut butter – the best peanut butter for all dogs! They are also topped with a great dog-friendly chocolate substitute called Carob!

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