Peanut Butter Dog Cookies

All dog’s love peanut butter! A couple of reasons they love it is because of the high salt and fat content that contributes to it’s delicious taste! Peanut Butter is actually extremely good for dogs to help curb boredom as well as give them a great source of protein.

Healthy Peanut Butter Dog Cookies

Though Peanut Butter is sometimes high in fat and salt, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t any healthy peanut butter dog cookies out there that taste great made with much less salt and fat! Our Peanut Butter Dreams Dog Treats are made with all natural, rich and creamy unsalted peanut butter which are then topped with carob. Carob is a great healthy substitute for chocolate and makes for a yummy almost peanut butter cup like treat! Carob is extracted from pods of carob trees originally found in the Mediterranean region. It’s the pulp from these pods that Carob comes from!

Our peanut butter dog cookies are high in vitamin H and E which helps keep your furry companion’s coat nice soft and shiny! The carob makes them high in essential vitamins like A, B, and D. It also acts like a natural antioxidant! With our peanut butter dog cookies your dog will love the taste and you will enjoy the healthy benefits they receive! This treat is great for rewarding good behavior or getting your pup to eat if he isn’t feeling well. A trick for getting a dog to eat a new treat like one of our peanut butter dog cookies is to rub it onto his nose.

At Emmett’s Edibles all of our dog treats are wheat and soy free. They are made with all-natural ingredients with your pooch in mind! Our peanut butter dog cookies are a local favorite at shows and are on special right now! Buy three bags of treats and get 33% off! This is like buying two bags and getting one free!

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